Antiobiotics alternative

Metalac ™

Metalac™ is made of bio active substances combinations based on heat-inactivated cells of two lactobacillus strains (selected and identified because of their probiotics properties) associated with their environment (functional metabolites and bioactive peptides).
Antiobiotics alternative, a stable and natural solution.
Optimizing animal’s performance. Anti-pathogen effect.
Mixed in the feed: easy to use.
The nutritional prevention for digestive disorders.
Technical interest:
  • Metalac ™ provides an anti-stress effect through digestive regulation, which allows to upgrade the diet.
  • Metalac ™ guides, stimulates and strengthens the digestive flora, allowing the animal to adapt and use different diets.
  • Metalac ™ provides a real protection against digestive disorders, thanks to the inhibitory effects demonstrated against several pathogenic germs.
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